Elite Club World’s Birthday Message to Elena De Bacci

(Elite Club World) – On July 9th, we are celebrating Birthday of our Member and Peace Ambassador – Countess Elena De Bacci!

Born in the snowy Siberia, Elena has extensively traveled the world, and now resides between London, Monaco and Dubai.

Above all, Elena cherishes her Christian values that she nurtures in her multicultural family. 

She is happily married to a descendant of a Noble Florentine family and has two beautiful adult children.

Countess represents De Bacci Family Foundation  worldwide and leads various humanitarian initiatives together with her daughter Anna.

Apart from being a natural-born businesswoman, Elena is dedicated to enhancing the modern society. She regularly organizes conferences on the protection of family, history, cultural values, promotes humanitarian and charitable projects.

Elena’s kind heart, joyful spirit, amicable personality, creativity, irresistible beauty and excellent sense of style have attracted millions of hearts around the world to her. Among them, are some brightest people of the 21st century, representatives of the noble class, philanthropists and talented businesspersons.

They all agree that Elena is one of those people whose smile is impossible to forget, because it lightens up any room she walks into.

We wish Elena a very Happy Birthday and many more to come!

Baron Daniel and Baroness Marina Von Lison


Elite Club World

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