Elite Club World’s Birthday Message to Anna De Bacci

(Elite Club World) – On June 2nd, we are celebrating Birthday of our member – Anna De Bacci!

Anna was born in Moscow, raised on the Adriatic Sea, educated at an American university and now lives between London, Monaco and Dubai.

Coming from a traditional Christian family, Anna values family and God first and foremost. With great enthusiasm, she supported the Family Protection initiative, which was started by her mother Countess Elena De Bacci in 2014. Since then, Anna has repeatedly appeared on the official video channel of the De Bacci family, organised conferences and discussions on the protection of family and children.

Five years ago, Anna founded the International Children’s Talents Club to give children from all backgrounds an opportunity to develop their personality in the direction of their Divine calling.

Anna actively participates in the life of the modern society, speaks at conferences dedicated to human rights, peacemaking and diplomatic relations, supports and promotes humanitarian and charitable projects and organisations.

With a brilliant business education and a strong interest in economics that she has inherited from her father Stefano, she is also developing her own investment business. Despite her young age, Anna has an amazing and clear understanding of modern reality.

Her feminine charm, beauty, intelligence, ease of communication, cheerful disposition, elegance and style have made her one of the brightest stars of the international elite. Excellent upbringing and love for people of all races and classes have attracted many friends to her. These are diplomats, politicians, representatives of the noble class and philanthropists who value and cherish her friendship.

We wish Anna a very Happy Birthday and many more to come!

Baron Daniel and Baroness Marina Von Lison


Elite Club World

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