Our Family

Please allow us to kindly introduce the modern representatives of the historic De Bacci Family.

Elena De Bacci

Countess, Mother

Elena organizes and leads global talents promotion and various charity foundations of the De Bacci Family. Countess speaks English, Russian and Serbian languages. She loves beauty, fashion, design, flowers, and her husband.

Email: elena@debacciofficial.org

Anna De Bacci

Countessina, Daughter

Anna is the face of Family Protection Foundation. Countessina also organizes and leads educational projects as well as various charity foundations of the De Bacci Family. Anna speaks English, Russian, French, Italian, Serbian and Arabic languages. She loves water, yachts, fitness, cats, and jazz.

Email: anna@debacciofficial.org

Stefano De Bacci

Count, Father

Stefano is the head of De Bacci Family and is the founder of its multiple foundations. Count speaks English, French and Italian languages. He loves business, skiing, flying, fast cars, and his beautiful wife.

Email: stefano@debacciofficial.org

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