Our Values


God absolutely exists and is proven to exist. Christian Orthodoxy is the original and authentic religion.


A Great Country starts in a Great Family. Strong traditional families are essential to preserving Christian Civilization and ensuring the nation’s harmonious development.


Heritage is a precious gift given by God. Heritage should be treated with honour, deepest respect and gratitude, and passed onto the next generations.


Nobility is not a given. Nobility is measured in the wellbeing of the people around us.


We can all help improve our lives and of those around us. The key to improvement is education and knowledge with God’s support.


Our duty and responsibility is to share knowledge and to help our fellow citizens and our habitat. With the correct knowledge and good intentions, society can be improved.


One of life principles of De Bacci Family during the past 2000 years has been to Act with an opened viser, which means: openness, not disguising intentions, honesty, straight-forwardness, dignity and being legitimate in all aspects, including …birth. (Traditionally, closed visors on coats of arms means illegitimate children.)

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