De Bacci Family Attends Cybertech Global UAE-Dubai 2021 

De Bacci Family attended the Cybertech Global UAE-Dubai 2021

“This 8th edition of the renowned international exhibition and conference is the LARGEST networking event for the cyber industry outside of the U.S.”

A number of important topics were discussed including the Post-COVID cybersecurity solutions, Artificial Intelligence resiliencies to cyber attacks, opportunities in the cyber protection of nuclear infrastructure and power grids in the UAE, global trends in cyber investments, fintech and cyber security, and more.

Among the notable speakers were:

Countess Elena De Bacci and Countessina Anna De Bacci attended the conference on behalf of De Bacci Family. During the conference, they had meetings with several attendees, including a United Nations associate and Chairperson of a NGO Justice Without Boarders, Jasin Ravasde, Director of Ministry of Statistics of BIH, Prof. Emir Kremic, Head of Primary Markets at London Stock Exchange, Gokul Mani, and the owner of Private Jets Company Jet-Set VIP, Eilon Topaz.

Countessina Anna De Bacci, Family Protection Ambassador, commented:

Every morning, we start our day with our mobile phones, checking our emails, scrolling through the social media and overwhelming amount of online news…While our children are sitting next to us, watching and, naturally, repeating what we are doing. 

More than half (!) of children in the U.S. now own a smartphone by the age of 11, while for teenagers, the number is even higher – 80%. All these children go online and immerse themselves in a complex world of experiences that most of us are not even aware of. Some of these experiences are harmless games and funny cat videos, but some are not. How can we protect our children from inappropriate content, targeted abuse, cyberbullying, online blackmail and hackers? 

We need to take action to prevent tragic consequences, such as suicide committed by Daniel Perry, 17, who was blackmailed and asked for thousands of pounds, having been tricked into thinking he was chatting with a girl his own age online.

Not only we need to educate children and their parents on Internet safety, but we need to ensure this issue is properly recognised in education and child protection policies.

Cybertech Global gathers government officials and CEOs of key cyber security organisations from all over the world, creating a great opportunity to make this happen. May God bless this important initiative to protect the eyes and minds of the most vulnerable – our children.

One thought on “De Bacci Family Attends Cybertech Global UAE-Dubai 2021 

  1. I am interested to know if your family will be interested to take up a development project ,a bussines park of a theme park on over 40acres land parcel which is lake facing and a highway too ,30mims drive from Hyderabad International airport with proximity to Ramoji Film city. I shall share more details. With kind regards to DeBacci Family. Earnest P.Ravi Kumar


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