De Bacci Family’s Letter to Her Majesty The Queen

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

Your Majesty,

Having learned the most sorrow news, we hope you will accept our sincere condolences.

His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip, was a man that will forever stay in our hearts as an outstanding example of a true monarchist, a loving husband, a caring father and a man of God.

On behalf of all De Bacci Family, we thank you, Your Royal Highness, for your continuous and selfless service to the people. You and your late husband has given us the most valuable lesson of all.

Your beautiful marriage of more than 70 years has shown the world the true meaning of love – a complete devotion to one another, in God’s arms, under the Holy Crown, generation after generation. Thank you.

Your Highness, we mourn with you now, but we forever salute you for giving us this invaluable lesson and showing us the way.

We believe this poem dedicated to your late husband by Countessina Anna De Bacci deserves your attention:

I could not sleep

My mind was fine,

Last night at all.

But not my soul.

My soul demanded

To speak aloud,

But I could not

Produce a sound…

How could I sleep,

If Holy Spirit

Was watching choices

Made every minute?

The truth – or lies…

The peace – or war…

The tears after –

Or thoughts before…

The people doing…

The angels standing…

The children crying…

The mothers waiting…

What will he choose:

Life full of love

That he might lose…

Or one without?

The choice was made.

All cards, all power,

All love, all life –

All – for the Crown.

By Anna L. De Bacci

May God comfort you, your Highness, and all members of your honourable family.

Yours Truly,

De Bacci Family

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