De Bacci Family Attends 6th Global Blockhain Congress

De Bacci Family attended the 6th Edition of Global Blockchain Congress in Dubai by invitation of Eric Brundage, Founder & CEO of Sand Spring Partners and Founder of MonacoLife magazine.

The mission of the Congress was to bring together blockchain startup founders and highly engaged investors from the MENA region, which has shown significant increase in technology startup funding.

During the first five editions, the Global Blockchain Congress has shown great success for all parties involved raising as much as 120$ Million in funds.

“This is an exclusive, closed-door, congress between investors and hand-picked Blockchain projects looking to raise funds. It is the only event of its kind and it will bring together qualified investors (VCs, Private Equity Firms, Family Offices, Crypto Funds and High Networth Individuals) with Blockchain startups looking to raise funds.”

Countess Elena De Bacci and Countessina Anna De Bacci represented De Bacci Foundation and exchanged new exciting ideas with the attendees of the Congress. Notable speakers included H.E. Hussain Mohammed Al Mahmoudi, CEO of Sharjah Research, Technology & Innovation Park, Minister Naokazu Takemoto, Minister of State for Science and Technology of Japan, Hadi Malaeb, Co-Founder & CEO of Agora Group, PÄ“teris Zilgalvis, Head of Unit – Digital Innovation & Blockchain at European Commission, Tatiana Koffman Investor & Columnist at Forbes, and others.

At the end of the panel discussions, mother and daughter have also given an interview to the cryptocurrency and blockchain media source CoinQuora.

As the Family Protection Ambassador and Founder of International Club for Children MareLucci, Countessina Anna De Bacci spoke about the importance of providing youth the basics of financial education:

“Today, traditional education is far from being enough. For young people, to be prepared for the future life and building family, it is crucially important to stay tuned with the current economics trends such as blockchain and cryptocurrency and, of course, understand how to use it.

It is also incredibly important to have access to the right circles in order to be able to create strong network with professional businessmen who can support, advise and guide the younger generation. So many great ideas are left behind just because it was not said at the right place and at the right time. That is why we need international business events such as Global Blockchain Congress.

We are happy to have been a part of this insightful and fruitful event and wish the organizers the very best in their upcoming endeavors.”

The full interview will be released soon.

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