De Bacci Family Celebrates Women with The UNESCO Art at Al Habtoor Palace Dubai

De Bacci Family attended the regional hallmark event and exhibition in the UAE celebrating the spirit of International Women’s Day under the patronage of UNESCO – Art Connects Women (ACW) exhibition – at the magnificent Al Habtoor Palace Dubai.

ACW is currently the largest all-women art event and exhibition in the UAE. This year, the exhibition united artwork of 112 female artists from 112 different countries, including Alexandra Namuh and Xenia Joost.

The exhibition showcased one piece of artwork from each artist and was themed ‘Dare to Dream’ aligning with the idea of dreaming as a way to inject courage into thoughts and inspire novel ideas that influence reality. All the artists and their artwork were honoured in a hardback artbook entitled ‘Women Artists around the World’.

“On behalf of De Bacci Noble Family, I would like to congratulate all ladies in each continent of our beautiful world with the International Women’s Day. As this exhibition perfectly shows, anyone can be a recognised artist if they just believe in themselves, and, most importantly, believe in God and the unique talent He has blessed them with.”

Countessina Anna De Bacci

Art Connects Women (ACW) is an annual initiative organised by ZeeArts Gallery – a Dubai-based global art incubator with a mission to connect creatives of disparate disciplines through a line-up of artistic initiatives and projects.


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