De Bacci Family Attends Intelly Launch Bridging Real Estate & Decentralized Finance

De Bacci Family attended launch of Intelly in Dubai.

The official function was followed by a gala dinner under the stars at the mesmerizing Palazzo Versace.

Countess Elena De Bacci and Countessina Anna De Bacci attended the event by invitation of Mr Shafeeq Ahmed Qureshi.

The event was also attended by blockchain and real estate companies, investors, businessmen, government officials, and influencers from the Middle East, Europe and US.

Countessina Anna De Bacci congratulated the founders:

We are happy to witness the merging of two superpowers of modern economy. My father has over 30 years experience in property development and I have seen by my own eyes it’s rise and it’s fall. The industry needs modernization and accessibility that decentralized finance is ready to provide. We wish prosperity and abundance to the founders and all investors in this project of the future!

Intelly is a blockchain-based real estate company creating an easy-to-use, reliable development investment platform and a liquid real estate marketplace where wealth can be stored and yields can be collected.

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