De Bacci Family in Alfie Best Business Magazine

Three members of De Bacci Family have given an interview to a leading British businessman and owner of Alfie Best Business and Alfie Best Business Group, Alfie Best, and his partner, Bradley Chapman.

Count Stefano De Bacci, who has been in business for over 30 years, was the first to meet the group in Mayfair, London, and discuss various business propositions.

Meanwhile, Countess Elena De Bacci spoke about her humanitarian and cultural projects, including the recent achievements with FIFA Ethics and Regulations Watch. Countess was honoured to appear on the cover of the magazine.

Countessina Anna De Bacci, who received a premium business education at the American University, shared her vision on the current state of global economy and presented projects of her Family Protection Foundation, such as International Educational Project for Children MareLucci.

De Bacci Family sends their great gratitude to Mr Best and Mr Chapman and wishes them success and prosperity in all their current and upcoming projects.

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